• Craft Beers, Ciders & Meads

    Every brew is carefully selected to ensure the highest marks in taste, color, and overall quality.

  • Hearty Pub Fare

    Delicious food to sustain you for long campaigns. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy options, too!

  • Get Your Game On

    We have a huge library of tabletop games waiting to challenge you!


(+3 CHA) Craft Beers

25 taps. More than 90 craft beers, meads, and ciders from all over the world with a focus on American craft. Delicious non-alcoholic root beer on tap.

(+4 INT) Tabletop Gaming

Extensive game library featuring board games, card games, and dice games. Borrow a game or bring your own! Large adventuring party? Call ahead to secure your space.

(+2 CON) Themed Atmosphere

Dark woods, jewel-tone designs, dragon skulls, and other fantasy fare. Don't miss our signature, glowing bar that grant all patrons a charisma bonus.

(+4 DEX) Video Games

Whether it's MarioKart Wii or Titanfall, play video games bar-side with a drink in one hand and an epic smackdown in the other.