About Us

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In a hole in the ground, there lived a … Wait, no, that’s not right.

Years ago, over a particularly violent game of Munchkin, co-owners Markus and Andrea discussed their love for gaming and craft beer. It was Andrea’s dream to open a Tolkien-inspired restaurant, and Markus had always wanted to incorporate craft beer into his career. Naturally, the idea came about for a place that incorporated quality craft drinks, ample gaming space, and a themed tavern atmosphere for the ultimate geek-perience. How cool would it be to transport yourself to Middle Earth for pints in steins? The idea was discussed convention after convention and remained as this “What if, one day …” idea.

In late 2012, the couple married in an appropriately themed Star Wars wedding and decided to honeymoon in Scotland. Unfortunately, their trip fell through so they booked a last-minute replacement trip to Boston. It was there where they fell in love with the cozy corner pubs, taverns, and bars decorating the city streets. In Boston, a great neighborhood bar awaits you at every turn, and after feasting on delicious food and toasting to great local brews, they had made up their minds: it was time for The Cloak & Blaster to become a reality.

Our Mission

It is our hope that The Cloak & Blaster provides the ultimate creative, safe space for fans of all walks of life to enjoy delicious tavern fare, quality craft beverages, and great gaming with friends. Hey, you can even make new ones! Forget the stress of cleaning your house for company or deciding whose turn it is to host. We offer a one-stop shop for getting together; your friendly neighborhood pub where you can geek out and game on.

Thank you to every member of our outstanding community who has helped us build our dream, and who continue to support us each day. We are truly grateful to everyone who has embraced us since we opened. Cheers!