Mass Effect: Andromeda Party

19 Mar  0
03/25/2017 @ 2:00 pm

You should go.
THE WAIT IS OVER!! It’s finally time for the newest release in the Mass Effect video game franchise. Andromeda launches March 21, and we’re celebrating over the weekend with a party themed directly after our favorite game series! (This give you plenty of time to play beforehand … )

Of course, the upstairs Citadel Lounge will be in full party mode, but the event specials are available throughout the entire restaurant.

+ Take your photo in front of our huge, custom Citadel wall mural!

+ PLAY MASS EFFECT! Both the Mass Effect Original Trilogy AND Andromeda will be available to play (Xbox Live players, feel free to login.)

+ Feast on a special menu of Mass Effect-inspired goodies!

+ Enjoy drink specials that would make any Pathfinder envious!

+ Jam the trigger and choose PARAGON or RENEGADE with special shots, tonight only!

* Costumes / Mass Effect apparel highly encouraged. *

Now report to the bar, and we’ll drink, OK?

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