Kill the Unicorns Demo

09 Dec  0

December 9


02:00 pm - 05:00 pm


The Cloak & Blaster


The Cloak & Blaster

875 Woodbury Rd, Ste 108

Orlando, FL, United States, 32828

Join us in your unicorn onesie for a demo day of KILL THE UNICORNS, a brand new blind-bidding and collection card game live on Kickstarter! We’re sipping on themed cocktails as we learn this game, full of adorable, unicornerific artwork.

Kill the Unicorns is set in a medieval alternative universe. Unicorns are running rampant (and apparently have quite the smell,) and the Queendom’s subjects set out annually to poach them. Once caught, they trade them to the Gnomes, who in turn sell them for parts on their Black Market.

With gnomes, pigicorns, unicorns, and double rainbows, this game is beyond cute. So join us to try out the game before you pledge, and ingest unhealthy amounts of sprinkles with us in the process! SUGAR! HOORAY!

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