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Orlando, Florida

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Team Reservation Request

Limit 6 players or fewer.
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- We are ages 18+ only for this event. No exceptions. 

- Limit: 6 players MAX. Your number of players is set. We cannot guarantee seating for more guests beyond the number of guests requested to register. 

- Trivia starts at 7:30 pm, and will most likely run until 10:30/11:00 pm due to the event.

- Please arrive no later than 7 p.m. to ensure your reservation. If you are late, we cannot guarantee seating as a courtesy to those who are waiting for space to open up.

 - All seats have been filled, so most parties will be sharing table space with other teams. 

- We encourage everyone to dress up in their themed attire and costumes to add to the atmosphere of the event. :)

Est. 2014. - The Cloak & Blaster - Orlando, Florida.